About Us

Our Vision

Kehilat Beit Lechem (KBL), Congregation of the House of Bread, Messianic Congregation of Utah, has a mission to become a sanctuary and proclaimer for the word of God, where members of our community of all background and walks of life, are able to come and be in fellowship with other believers in Yeshua the Messiah, (Jesus).  We believe that Yeshua is the only begotten son of God and the promised Messiah to Israel and those grafted in.

KBL’s vision as a congregation is that in the imaginable future, disciples are empowered to serve, teach, and proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua with a Messianic Hebrew perspective, believing that the entire bible is current with today’s life and for the future.  

As the richness of the word of God is revealed to us while seeking him that we may be prepared to follow Him by searching and endeavoring to reach fullness of understanding.  Our vision then is to increase the kingdom with obedience and dedication to lifestyles worthy of His approval, demonstrating love to the widow, the orphan and for the scattered tribes of Israel and gentiles grafter into the kingdom.   

 KBL’s vision is that in the imaginable future, we, as a congregation have developed disciples that are empowered to serve as per the requirements of the scriptures and in all fullness of the entire word of YHWH as commanded and in all the completeness of the body of Yeshua our messiah.

Our Mission

Our mission is, as it relates to the word of God:

Guard: we humbly resolve to protect the entire word of God as we know it, canonized, Apocrypha and the Dead Sea scrolls.  We study, inspect, appraise, discuss, test, compare and ultimately substantiate as worthy record of the word of God, or not, all the scriptures available to us, not to boast of things revealed to us by the Spirit, or to claim that we are right in all our understanding but with the desire to please the Father by our knowledge of Him and that we may follow all his precepts and commands. 

Study: as disciples of Yeshua the Messiah we have reached determination to be followers of His doctrines precepts and commands by the careful study of what the Father and Son reveals to us as we examine the scriptures.

Obedience: we promote adherence to the instructions given to us from God.  We observe all the known commandments that are applicable to our lives today.

These observances include dietary, vestments, festivals and Shabbat, amongst many others. We do not proclaim to know the fullness of the law and to adhere to all the commandments but we are steadfast to make all necessary corrections as we learn and grow in our walk with God.

This walk has guided our congregation to find in the Dead Sea scrolls the Zadok Priestly Calendar and in deep study regarding this discovery, we have made a correction on what calendar to follow from our previous understanding.  We now follow the Zadok Priestly Calendar for festivals and appointments with our God.

Mission with Goals

Achieving our goals as the body of Yeshua is to proclaim Him as the only begotten son of God and the promised Messiah for the people and those grafted into the people of Israel. We believe that Yeshua is our salvation and that no one comes to the Father if not by Him and that He is the Gospel to be proclaimed to the nations so the will of God, that is, that every soul might be saved, is known to mankind.

We want to meet the spiritual and covenant needs of those who seek him first in our congregation and then outside in the community working on being, first, light to the world by sharing our beliefs with the community. Striving to help and support the orphans, widows, elderly and visiting the sick, oppressed and those in prison giving those in need physically and spiritually support. 

Unity:  We want to be in unity with other Messianic congregations and believers and promote unity and bringing the body together to worship our creator as one body by meeting, not to discuss differences, but to promote respect and support for each other, showing brotherly love to all others in the faith of Yeshua our Messiah.