John Ballif has set up a private site for group chat that is not on Facebook. If you have been attending with us but did not get the link to the site, please let John know so he can add you.

Hey peeps! If you’re like me, you remember Hannukah candles the day of lol. Ditto for Purim masks. But I found some! And I’ll have extras if you need one.

The first Women’s Group Meeting is scheduled! It’ll be Monday, February 22nd, at 6:30 at Cindy’s house. There will be a lesson on Purim, and then we’ll make hamantaschen! If you have rolling pins, pastry boards, cookie cutters, or anything that would fill those roles, please bring them. And let either Kathey or Becky know if you’re coming, please. It’d be a shame to not have nearly enough cookie dough for everyone!


For those who were unable to attend last shabbat, there is a possible opportunity that we’d like for everyone to be in prayer about. There is some discussion about moving to another location, to Vida Nueva (where we will have Purim). The pluses: a KITCHEN!, larger facilities, no need to set up or take down any tables or chairs, a team who already has the equipment and know-how and can livestream our services. The main issue: $$. The rent has not been pinned down, but it will certainly be more than we have paid anywhere else–but we will get what we pay for, and there will be plenty of room for growth. Please be in prayer about the Father’s will, whether we should ttake this leap or not. Thank you!

Many observant Jews observe the Fast of Esther just before Purim. You can find out more about it at or

Our Purim celebration will be on Friday, February 26, at the Vida Nueva Church located at 3007 S. West Temple. EVERYONE will be in costumes. EVERYONE. Awards given for the best ones! There will be finger foods provided, but feel free to bring something special if you’d like. So that we have enough food, please let Mary Ballif know in advance how many of your family will be coming.

We are going to be doing the Havdalah Ceremony again for a while as the timing fits with oneg. So be prepared to be interrupted mid-bite during dinner to sing!

Men’s and women’s groups starting soon! Greg Hyde will lead the men; Kathey Sams will lead the women. But Kathey needs a co-hostess because of the distance. Sometimes travel may not be possible for her. If you would like more information or feel God leading you to offer to help Kathey, please let Cindy know.

We are also going to start doing the shabbat children’s blessing under a large tallit. They are our hope for the future!

Each Friday on our Facebook page you can find the section of the parsha that we’re focusing on. For those of you not on Facebook, just check the calendar page here. In the description of the shabbat meeting you’ll find the pertinent study info.

Please send all prayer requests directly to Bev rather than to Cindy or a random group. Bev is our prayer leader and is best suited to pray over them and oversee that everyone receives the message (if the person does want the request made public).

Be on the lookout for a signup sheet to help set up tables and chairs in the main room and to take them down afterward. We are going to start studying AND eating at tables. We’re (blessedly!) outgrowing the kitchen area for seating for oneg! But it will take everyone helping to get it done. If we all contribute, we won’t have to take turns often. And for those who CAN’T move tables, there is plenty else that needs to be done. We still need you!

This is a reminder that Trifany is leading the FFOZ Study of Jesus My Rabbi Wednesday evenings at 6:30. You can sign up at any time.

We now have a Venmo account as well as PayPal for those who prefer that way to donate. Find us at @Kehilat-BeitLechem. If you need the phone number to send money, use 5709. Both Cindy and I already had Venmo accounts, so my daughter Eden said we could use hers. For some reason, Venmo wasn’t comfortable having someone add a different account with a different name for the same phone number.

wonderful things in Your Torah!

You can find the weekly parsha here: