PURIM 2020 / 5780!

CHANUKAH 2019 / 5780!

Here are a few pictures from our congregation’s Thanksgiving dinner. We have the BEST COOKS in the valley! Everything was scrumptious! This doesn’t show everyone–as usual, eating was more important than making a record of it!

SUKKOT, DAY 1, 2019/5780!


YOM KIPPUR 2019/5780


YOM TERUAH 2019/5780!

REVIVE 2019! And were we ever!

Our first outreach! A lot of the food went to people staying at The Road Home. Everyone we met was a beautiful soul, and most hunted for some way to give back to us, either with a tiny gift from their meager belongings or with some service back to us. A great Shavuot and a great Spirit.

We were too busy participating to get very many pictures or an accurate count! There were slightly over 100 people last night. Chag Pesach Sameach!



Some of us at a recent oneg.

We had a joyous first night of Hannukah, first at Famous Dave’s for dinner (and Becky’s and Cindy’s homemade nummy treats), and then at the Marty Goetz concert.


Our Yom Teruah was spent as were the last few: blowing shofars over the Salt Lake Valley. But first we started with our monthly Rosh Chodesh dinner, this time held at Cantina Southwestern Grill in Sandy.

Sukkot 2018 was a blast! Most stayed for the entire 8 hours. We had sukkah decorating, lulav waving, lots of food, children’s activities, dancing, lots of food, good fellowship, dinner, first time guests … and did I mention there was a LOT of food? It was a wonderful experience, on so many levels.