Meet Us

Shalom! We are a Torah-Observant Messianic congregation, meeting on erev shabbats and feast days. We are currently transitioning between “homes”, so please check back for the current location (on the calendar page or in announcements) if you’d like to check us out. We eat together as part of our gathering, so please join us for that as well. We want to get to know you! If you bring a dish to share, our only request is that it be Biblically clean (no pork or shellfish products at all). If you aren’t sure what to bring, come anyway! We always have plenty.

We are led by Kohen David Valdez and his wife Cindy. Joe does a little of everything, along with serving at the Salt Lake City Mission. Robin teaches Hebrew and monitors the website. Bev and Richie are our prayer leaders. Several moms take turns teaching the younger set. We celebrate Rosh Chodesh with dinners and teachings. There are those involved with outreach or who share special lessons on things they have learned and loved, and we have two excellent challah bakers. Anyone who wishes to share a talent or a calling on their hearts anywhere is welcome.  We’d love to add you to the list of helpers, and we want you to have a place to share the gifts Adonai has blessed you with.