Prayer Requests

Please post any prayer requests in the comments section, or send them privately to one of us and we will post them for you.

Vida Nueva did not work out for being our new home. But we’re happy that Vida Nueva is so busy for the Lord that they need their building every day! We are now working with an agent who specializes in finding the perfect commercial space for organizations, and she says she has several places she’d like us to look at. Please pray that the Lord will make it clear which place He has chosen for us. Thank you!

Israel has been under serious attack this past week. Please remember our brothers and sisters of Judah and pray for their protection!

An update on Barb: she is doing VERY well. Her tumors are either shrinking or disappearing entirely so far, and she feels as healthy as ever. Thank You SOOOO much, Abba, for blessing her!

As always, let’s pray that those who are searching for the truth of Torah will find us or some other congregation that suits their needs, and that we will be blessed with even more growth, especially more young people. We need to send Torah down through the generations!

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