Prayer Requests

Please post any prayer requests in the comments section, or send them privately to one of us and we will post them for you.

Please remember Cindy’s grandchildren in your prayers. Both Mariah and Aidan are having some challenging health issues.

Please pray for direction and clarity as we attempt to resettle in a new home. We want to be certain we are doing the Lord’s will.

Kaye Sams (Kathey Ruben) has been facing a host of health issues lately and covets our prayers.

I’m sure we’re all doing this, but remember to pray for our nation, for our president, for our congregation, for our families and friends during this Covid 19 pandemic that we will be protected by God’s covering.

From Dinah Dye: Time to storm heaven with prayer for our brother BRAD SCOTT. He has been diagnosed with a stage 2 Astrocytoma. The doctors discovered this low-grade slow growing cancerous mass in the center of Brad‘s brain. He and Carol are going to need much Wisdom going forward to navigate the medical world and to make good decisions. Let us intercede as one on his behalf.

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