Prayer Requests

Please post any prayer requests in the comments section, or send them privately to one of us and we will post them for you.

Praise report!! Thomas is HOME! Thank you for all your prayers!

Please pray for Barb as she heads into her “new adventure” (as she has called it), that the treatment will be effective and that any side effects will be manageable.

Let’s pray for the election this Tuesday. We all know God is in control, but may we know His will and submit to it. Whoever wins, our job as Christians is to pray for our leaders.

As always, let’s pray that those who are searching for the truth of Torah will find us or some other congregation that suits their needs, and that we will be blessed with even more growth, especially more young people. We need to send Torah down through the generations!

Thank you so much, Abba, for our new home! It is beautiful, and your Torah is welcome there. You are so faithful and kind in the way you watch over your people!

Please remember Carol Scott and the rest of Brad’s family as they learn to navigate life here without him. His memory will indeed be a blessing.

Thank you, Father, that you HAVE protected all of us from this virus! We pray for your continued protection.

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