Prayer Requests

Please post any prayer requests in the comments section, or send them privately to one of us and we will post them for you.

For those who haven’t heard, there is a possible opportunity that we’d like for everyone to be in prayer about. There is some discussion about moving to another location, to Vida Nueva (where we will have Purim). The pluses: a KITCHEN!, larger facilities, no need to set up or take down any tables or chairs, a team who already has the equipment and know-how and can livestream our services. The main issue: $$. The rent has not been pinned down, but it will certainly be more than we have paid anywhere else–but we will get what we pay for, and there will be plenty of room for growth. Please be in prayer about the Father’s will, whether we should ttake this leap or not. Thank you!

During this year, and during the winter especially, let’s pray for protection upon all of us. Several have so far gone through COVID 19, but without lasting effects (thank You, Abba!). This will be with us for a while. The safest place is under Father’s wings and feathers. Let’s stay close to Him and each other, and stay in prayer.

Please pray for Barb as she heads into her “new adventure” (as she has called it), that the treatment will be effective and that any side effects will be manageable.

As always, let’s pray that those who are searching for the truth of Torah will find us or some other congregation that suits their needs, and that we will be blessed with even more growth, especially more young people. We need to send Torah down through the generations!

Please remember Carol Scott and the rest of Brad’s family as they learn to navigate life here without him. His memory will indeed be a blessing.

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